Experience a Life of Balance & Success with Dr. Don Deems
The Dentist’s Coach®

Meet Dr. Don Deems

Meet Dr. Don Deems

Don Deems is The Dentist’s Coach®, with more than 35 years in successful private dental practice plus more than 20 years as a certified professional business and personal coach.

The Dentist’s Coach®

As a certified professional business and personal coach, I help clients find their own answers, live their own truths, and enjoy their lives to the fullest expressions of who they are and who they are becoming. I light up their paths and use my knowledge, intuition, and experience as a successful practicing dentist and business owner to help them find balance, fulfillment, and develop deeper relationships with themselves and with others.

My clients come to me because they want more out of life. They are outwardly successful, but inwardly, they are not living their lives to the fullest. They are feeling that something is not quite right, that something is out of sync, that there should be more to life. They may be at a crossroads or just feeling overwhelmed trying to balance the demands of dental practice with their personal lives. They may be ready for major changes or just looking to find more simplicity. Wherever they are, they come to me with sincerity, honesty, a willingness to look at their beliefs and self-imposed limitations, and a desire for change. Above all else, they come with courage.

My Coaching Style

Clients describe my style as warm, compassionate, and trustworthy. I speak directly and honestly. My clients find me thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring—a safe traveling partner for their personal journey. Some of my clients have worked with me for over a decade, finding me a reliable sounding board and partner in an ever-changing world.

Successful Practicing Dentist for 35+ Years

As a practicing dentist, I have been serving families and patients of all ages in Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

I received my DDS at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas, where I earned the top award for Outstanding Clinical Excellence in General Dentistry, the Munksgaard Geriatric Dentistry Award, and was on the Dean’s List. I began my private practice in Little Rock and have been recognized by a number of publications over the years as a “Top Dentist” and among the “Best Dentists of Arkansas.” Since 2005, Dentistry Today has listed me as a Top Consultant – and I’m the only true coach/dentist to have that distinction.

I was also the first dentist in the U.S. to receive the National Best Practices Honors by the American Psychological Association, honoring me for my workplace practices in my dental office.


More than 35 years of successful private dental practice + more than 20 years of business and personal coaching.

Let’s Talk

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, I would consider it an honor and a gift to assist you on your path to a more fulfilling life. Contact me to see how I can help you!

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